Formosa 4

About the Project

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About the Project

Formosa 4 is the third of Synera Renewable Energy's (SRE) offshore wind power project. Initially, the site was located 18 - 20km off the coast of Miaoli, covered an area of approximately 85 square kilometers, and had a maximum total installed capacity of 1,104MW.

Even before the BOE announced the Offshore Wind Zonal Development Site Application Guideline and established sensitive maritime areas on July 23, 2021, SRE already led the industry by considering the following sustainable management items for the site selection:

  • Maintaining coastal landscape and providing maximum protection for Miaoli’s coastal landform;
  • Avoiding important habitats for the Chinese white dolphin and other wildlife;
  • Avoiding artificial reefs and other no-fishing zones;
  • Avoiding CPC Corporation marine pipelines and other environmentally sensitive areas;

In addition, the development team moved the planned site further offshore based on their offshore survey and wind farm construction experience to ensure that vessels can transit the Taiwan Strait safely and conveniently. During the environmental assessment process, the development team also voluntarily expanded the bird flight corridor from the original 1.5km to 2km to reduce possible impact on the ecology and environment.

When completed and in commercial operation, Formosa 4 wind farm’s 495 MW installed capacity can meet the energy needs of approximately 500,000 households.

Formosa 4 site
Stretching over approximately 58km2, the Formosa 4 Offshore Wind Farm is located off the coast of Tongxiao Township, Miaoli County in waters 57 – 64m deep. The closest point from the wind farm to shore is approximately 20km. Jacket foundations will be adopted for this wind farm.
Wind farm configuration
The project will have a 500MW offshore substation and a 500MW onshore substation, which are expected to be connected to TPC’s Fangli substation.
Installed capacity
  • Wind turbine rated power: 14 – 15MW
  • Maximum number of wind turbines: 35
  • Maximum total installed capacity: 495MW
  • Wind turbine spacing: perpendicular to prevailing wind > 750m; parallel to prevailing wind > 1,300m