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About Us

Following our participation in the Formosa 1 and Formosa 2 projects, Synera Renewable Energy (SRE), the pioneer in Taiwan offshore wind development, announced our flagship Formosa 4 project in 2020, underscoring the potential that SRE sees in Taiwan’s offshore wind power development.

As part of our ongoing effort to strengthen Taiwan’s offshore wind industry, SRE initiated the formation of the Taiwan Team in July 2021.

This unprecedented offshore wind partnership worked together to advance local development, manufacturing, design, construction, and O&M capability and bolster Taiwan’s ability to independently develop offshore wind power and meet local content requirements. The goal is to push Taiwan’s domestic offshore wind industry to the next level and forge a new phase in Taiwan’s energy transition.

To facilitate the government’s Phase 3 Offshore Wind Zonal Development Plan and local content policy, SRE upgraded the Taiwan Team with a more expansive and prospective mission. Taiwan Team 2.0, formed in September 2022, is a partnership between six major supply chains (electrical equipment, underwater foundations, WTG components, vessels and maritime construction, ports, and engineering/design) and over 30 benchmark suppliers, banks, and insurance agencies. All the members are fully committed to the Formosa 4 project, building industry clusters, and achieving the capability for Taiwan to independently develop offshore wind. In the future, Taiwan’s experience and technology can be exported internationally and used in the APAC offshore wind market. In December 2022, the MOEA announced the bidding result of the Phase 3 Offshore Wind Zonal Development Plan, and Formosa 4 received approval for 495 MW of installed capacity. As the project officially enters the construction stage, the team will focus on equity and organizational adjustment to manage the development of the project.

The public expects the wind farm industry to become a pillar of Taiwan’s economy and SRE understands this. Thus, SRE calls on talented green-collar professionals to contribute to Taiwan’s zero-emission goal and the development of sustainable renewable energy in the region.